The workshops from the list below are the complimentary part of full tickets.

The recordings of most workshops will be shared with full ticket holders after the conference.

Workshops will be run remotely via Zoom.

Free 3h Workshops
Uri Goldshtein

Everything You Need to Get Your GQL Server Production Ready

There are always a lot of questions and conference talks about bringing GraphQL servers into production, but there aren’t a lot of good concrete steps and actions to follow. In the workshop Uri (The founder of The Guild) will walk you through The Guild’s process of bringing GraphQL Server into production.

We will add:

  • Powerful Caching
  • Logging, Monitoring and tracing
  • Security features like Auth, Error Masking, Persisted Operations, Depth and Rate limit

If you are planning to have your GraphQL server running in production, this is a must have workshop for you!

Workshop schedule & location

Date & time: TBD. Remote.

Roy Derks

Building a Serverless GraphQL API For Any Datasource With StepZen

Want to get started with building a GraphQL server but have no idea where to begin? Every (frontend) developer asks for a GraphQL API but often lacks the backend knowledge to create a performant one. There are many different flavors in creating the perfect GraphQL server, ranging from schema-first to code-first or even auto generated solutions.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn about building a serverless GraphQL API using StepZen. With StepZen, you can create a GraphQL for any data source (SQL, NoSQL & REST) and even other GraphQL APIs within minutes. And even handle more complicated use cases such as authentication and deployment. Using little code, you'll get to combine different data sources in one fully performant API that you can use in your applications from day one.

Table of contents
  • - What is StepZen?
  • - Connecting to a data source (SQL, NoSQL & REST)
  • - Using custom directives
  • - Handle sequence flows
  • - Deployment

  • Experience with using the command line or terminal
  • Knowledge about SQL, NoSQL, or REST
  • Computer with OSX or Linux. For Windows, please install WSL2 here.

Workshop level

Intermediate (no backend experience required)

Workshop schedule & location

Date & time: TBD. Remote.

Zachary Conger

GraphQL Security Testing Technical Workshop

We’ve all heard the buzz around pushing application security into the hands of developers, but if you’re like most companies, it has been hard to actually make this a reality. You aren’t alone – putting the culture, processes, and tooling in place to make this happen is tough – especially for sophisticated applications like those backed by GraphQL. In this hands-on technical session, StackHawk Senior DevOps Engineer, Zachary Conger, will walk through how to protect your GraphQL APIs from vulnerabilities using automated security testing. Get ready to roll-up your sleeves for automated AppSec testing.

Workshop schedule & location

Date & time: TBD. Remote.


Uri Goldshtein
The Guild, Netherlands

Uri Goldshtein is the founder of The Guild, the largest open source group in the GraphQL ecosystem. They support large companies to go through successful technological transformations.

Roy Derks
StepZen, The Netherlands

Roy Derks is a developer, author and public speaker from the Netherlands. His mission is to make the world a better place through tech by training and inspiring developers worldwide. Currently he is working with StepZen on a mission to make GraphQL adoption easy and scalable.

Zachary Conger
StackHawk, USA

Zachary is a Senior DevOps Engineer at StackHawk. As a startup junkie, he has played many roles including operations, engineering, product development, and leadership. In his current role, he is focused on the evolving CI/CD landscape and how this diverse set of technologies can be used to improve the productivity of software developers, and the quality of the code they produce. Outside of work he enjoys music, photography, cycling, and various pastimes.